Tasty and healthy fast food

Est Fresh tastes great, is kind to the planet, and makes you feel good after you eat it. You’ve never experienced fast food like this.


In today's fast-paced life, people find themselves with less time to eat well. Many resort to fast food restaurants because they are convenient, cheap and widely available.

Est Fresh is creating a new era in fast food. We offer fresh, satisfying, flavourful, hot and cold food that doesn’t kill you!

Our team has developed a new category of fast food that’s just as convenient and cost-effective, but is guilt-free, fresh, and makes you feel good in your mind, body & soul.






Feels Good

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Our Produce

Our supply chain is one of our cornerstones. We seek the highest quality in everything we source, building relationships with our suppliers to ensure we pay a fair price, while receiving the highest quality produce.

Being a plant-based restaurant means we don’t pay for high cost animal products, and can pass our savings onto our customers, while delivering fresher, tastier and ultimately healthier fast food.

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Our Mission

Est Fresh will make it easier for everyone to live and eat well. Satisfy your appetite, while eating fresh, healthy and feeling great! Est Fresh brings quality food to everyone, taking the “gourmet” and making it fast, widely available, all while driving down the cost.

Help us revolutionize the fast food industry, by offering tasty and healthy food instead of junk. We’re raising money through an Initial License Offering to make this a reality.

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Our Partnership with Nom Hub

Nom Hub is a new concept, providing kitchen space only to restaurants, in the same location. Restaurants can tap into Nom Hub’s supply chain to pool their buying power and participate collectively, while operating independently.

Their locations are central, offering click & collect and delivery services only. Est Fresh is proud to join the first Nom Hub location, which will contain 10 restaurants that will serve collections and deliveries in central London.